Business Consulting: Different Types Of Consulting


As we have already mentioned, consulting is a service that aims to diagnose and suggest solutions on a particular subject or sector. Therefore, it is possible to say that the types of consultancies may vary according to the area that needs this support. For you to stay on top of the types of consultancies available, we have listed the main ones below.

Business Management Consulting

Consulting in business management happens when specialized professionals, and consultants, spend time in the company, diagnosing problems and formulating solutions. These consultants can work in the most diverse areas, such as logistics, human resources, finance, marketing, legal, etc. What will define the area in which the professional will work is the client’s need, which the business’s current situation will influence. The objective of business management consulting is always to focus on improvements that can be made in the future so that the company can qualify its results and experience sustainable growth.

Finance Consulting

A financial consultancy aims to analyze, plan and outline financial strategies – whether for individuals or companies. And that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

Personal Or Family Financial Advice

The consultant analyzes his client’s finances, looking for strategies for him to reach his financial goals.

For this, he needs:

  • Perform financial management, mapping the client’s finances to define strategies to be adopted
  • Analyze investment management
  • Planning for retirement, as well as outlining the project of life and financial independence
  • Organize the inheritance process
  • Assess the impact of taxes on client finances and how this can be optimized
  • Manage Risks.

Business Financial Consulting

In business financial consulting, the objective is to analyze the company’s current situation and suggest relevant changes for the organization’s growth.

Therefore, the consultant needs to:

  • Diagnose the company’s financial situation and set objectives
  • Do the valuation to find out how much the company is worth
  • Analyze feasibility to measure existing businesses and define new ones
  • Manage financial resources, such as expenses, cost centers, and profit distribution, among others
  • Implement improvements in the various sectors of the company
  • Identify the best investment options for the company’s resources and control them.

Marketing Consulting

The focus of marketing consultancy is the company’s relationship with its market.

By hiring a consultant such as cultivate advisors for example in the area, the client expects him to improve the company’s communication and marketing. This work is done by managing the relationship with employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. The consultant’s role is to present a diagnosis of the company’s current situation, identifying difficulties and points that can be improved.

It is a key piece to assertively explore communication channels, build relationship marketing and achieve sales goals.

Human Resources Consulting

An HR consultancy such as Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Experts for example can evaluate a company’s workforce and analyze the practices implemented to suggest new alternatives for the processes that are not working.

The area consultant will be responsible for the following:

  • Implement new management technologies to optimize staff time
  • Evaluate the interaction of HR with other departments
  • Suggest innovative strategies to increase employee satisfaction
  • Conduct training on legislation
  • Train internal consultants to continue the project.