CCTV Security: 7 Advantages of Using CCTV to Protect Your Home or Business


With thousands of burglaries occurring each year in the United Kingdom, the use of CCTV North Wales security cameras has become an essential element of residential or business security systems. But why should you consider using CCTV? Here are seven advantages to using CCTV security cameras to protect your home or business.

  1. Peace of mind

Peace of mind is one of the most important advantages of using CCTV security. Even when you’re not at home, you can always check in on your property and make sure everything’s OK. You’ll never worry about what might be happening behind closed doors if you have a security camera installed. Other benefits come with this system, including 24/7 monitoring, prevention of theft and vandalism, and even evidence gathering for law enforcement purposes. For more peace of mind, contact us today!

  1. Deterrent and crime prevention

The advantages of using CCTV security as a deterrent and crime prevention measure are plentiful. The following list highlights some ways that a surveillance camera can help protect your home, business, and property.

  1. Prosecution

Prosecutions have a greater chance of being successful. If the perpetrator is caught on video, there is no denying his or her identity. This helps make the investigation easier because there are fewer people involved, and it takes less time for law enforcement to find the suspect. There is also a high chance that evidence can be retrieved from the footage and used against them in court. Not only does this help in making arrests more quickly, but it also reduces the number of cases that go unsolved due to a lack of evidence.

  1. Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a major advantage of using CCTV security. It allows you to monitor what’s going on from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can log into the app and see what the cameras are capturing in real time so that you can take immediate action if necessary. This also gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home or work and want to check in with how things are going at all times.

  1. Ideal in Conjunction with Intruder Alarms

Remote monitoring is particularly useful if you also have an intruder alarm installed. When there is a break-in, the intruder will often disable the alarm to make it easier for themselves. For this reason, remote monitoring is a great security measure because it will alert you as soon as an intruder enters your property. It also allows you to see what they’re doing and how they’re getting in. Additionally, with remote monitoring, you can arm your alarm from anywhere at any time, and view the camera from wherever you are. With traditional alarms, you need to be home at night while an armed intruder is inside your property to do so.

  1. Reduced Insurance Premium

Nowadays, CCTV is installed in many homes and businesses. This is because CCTV cameras have several benefits. They reduce the risk of theft by deterring thieves and making it possible for you to identify them if they do steal something. It also reduces vandalism because you can use your camera footage as evidence against offenders. You will also find that insurance companies will often reduce your premium if you have CCTV installed.

  1. Low Price, High Quality

These days home CCTV installation is relatively inexpensive and yet the investment pays off in the long run, as it is an affordable way to protect your home or business directory.