How To Drive In The Snow: Essential Tips


More than good habits, these are some safety behaviors that can prevent accidents and even save lives in adverse weather situations or you can call on companies like ninja de-icer to remove the snow:

If you live in an area where you need to drive in snow or ice, prepare your winter tires – they adapt to low-grip surfaces, giving you a safe ride and look for rock salt near me.

When driving in snow, sleet, or fog, use the car’s lights to ensure visibility to other cars so you can see the road better – day or night.

Do not make sudden maneuvers: braking or turning sharply or even driving with speed are risky behaviors in these situations, as your control over the vehicle is reduced.

During winter and in places where it usually snows, travels with a set of snow chains – you will be prepared in emergencies.

Always avoid walking over ice – these surfaces are very unstable and unpredictable. If you need to, maintain a constant speed and avoid steering movements.

Always choose the safest paths over the fastest – after all, your safety and those traveling with you come first.

Simple Prevention You Need To Do During Winter

The child inside you enjoy watching the snow on top of cars go flying like little stars that fly away. On the other hand, the lazy adult expects physics to do its job and take what I was too lazy to take. In any case, it’s good to put fantasy and laziness aside and invest a few minutes of your time to clean the car’s snow very well. I’ll give you three basic reasons why this is important.

Preventing these problems is very simple and requires you to swallow your laziness.

If you have cold hands, consider a good pair of gloves for this task.

Have a good snowbrush. There are models for all tastes and pockets. Find one that works for you. If your car is too tall, like an SUV or minivan, consider walking with a stool or buying a telescopic brush. There are even some with mirrors (why is that?). Leave your brush on the side of the bench so you can reach it easily.

  • Start by cleaning the car door to get your toothbrush
  • Make sure the car’s exhaust is clear. Cases of CO poisoning happen because people forget about them
  • Clean the windshield area first and clear the air exchange area
  • Turn on the car and the rear defroster
  • Continue cleaning the windows, remembering to scrape off the ice
  • Finish off by dusting off the roof, front of the radiator, and headlights