Public Relations Recruitment


Premier Resourcing, market-leading UK recruitment agency, enables businesses to swiftly locate and hire new team members in important locations throughout London and the UK. Companies may leverage an unequalled pool of recruitment professionals to locate the ideal candidate for their specific needs, such as industry, region, former jobs, and more. Personally, we believe that Premier Resourcing is the fantastic firm to work with for a variety of reasons. We clearly recognise that the biggest asset to a firm is its personnel, who must be treated as people rather than ‘as one’.

We deliver selected batches of applicants to your mailbox. We’ll remain in the background, uncovering talent that matches your vacant openings, while you work with hiring managers and interview candidates. Why Should You Use Premier Resourcing? We Understand Communication We address all aspects of communications, including public relations, social media, content, internal communications, change management, public affairs, and marketing communications.

We Go Above and Beyond

We go the extra mile to give personalised guidance to assist you with your public relations recruitment, from how to build a great CV to giving bespoke interview preparation and negotiating the best potential job offer on your behalf. Benefits of Public Relations Increase the credibility of your brand. Public relations publicity lends credibility to your company since the material is more honest and insightful. Attract your target audience. Offer extra value. Long-term and short-term lead generating Create your brand’s image.

An Outstanding Group

Our staff is comprised of seasoned recruiters as well as former PR and marketing industry experts that truly understand the work and are well suited to assist you in finding the ideal employment. We have the right job for you we provide permanent, contract, and freelance jobs throughout London and the United Kingdom. With offices in London and Cambridge, our devoted and enthusiastic team of ex -marketing and public relations professionals, expert recruiters, and emerging stars provide a genuinely proactive and results-driven solution across PR, digital, marketing, and integrated communications.

Our consultative, collaborative approach guarantees that we maintain long-term connections while matching the most remarkable people with the most innovative consultancy and in-house customers, ranging from boutique to global in scale. Be a part of the Premier Resourcing team! Opportunities for both recent graduates and seasoned consultants. We’d love to talk to ambitious grads just starting out, smart recruiters looking for a new challenge, and PR/communications professionals looking for a change. Using Our Recruitment Services, you may find employees in key locations throughout the UK