Tablet and Handheld Computers for Medical and Clinical Applications



Hospitals use patient and medication tracking and information systems that need tough and antimicrobial mobile devices, whereas ambulances and visiting healthcare personnel must gather, record, and analyse data.

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M101P-ME Using cutting-edge technologies and antimicrobial treatments, Medical Tablet PC assists hospitals and care providers in preventing infection in a high-performance Windows tablet PC.

Medically approved Windows tablet PC for use in hospitals, clinics, and by paramedics and ambulance crews. The M101P-fully ME’s sealed anti-microbial housing allows it to be washed and disinfected, eliminating the danger of cross contamination. The ideal option for all clinical scenarios.


A clinical-grade 5″ hand-held with antimicrobial housing.

Winmate’s Medical Grade Mobile Computers and healthcare mobile computers provide peace of mind to health care practitioners by monitoring medical records and data, allowing them to spend more time connecting with their patients. The mobile solutions give nurses a gadget that allows them to monitor many patients at the same time while collecting and transferring data to a central data centre. This guarantees that medical records are constantly current and available from any location.

Winmate Tablets provide a variety of medical solutions, such as electronic medical records, which reduce paperwork mistakes, real-time diagnostic data management in surgery, and patient identification. Doctors may even use the gadget to analyse patient information while on the road, eliminating the need to look for paper documentation.

The E500RM8-ME is a robust Android handheld designed to survive severe environments while increasing efficiency in clinical and healthcare settings. This lightweight Android 7.0 hand-held is ready to work with its optional inbuilt 1D/2D barcode reader and optional RFID scanner, stunning touchscreen display, strong Octa-Core Cortex A53, and extended battery life.

M133K Ultra Rugged 13.3-Inch Tablet

A 13-inch tablet with a strong CPU that is compatible with practically everything.

The M133K offers a bigger screen size of a laptop in a tablet form factor for increased visibility and productivity in demanding applications such as automobile manufacturing and car diagnostics. The 13.3-inch sunlight-readable IPS display of the M133massive K was intelligently engineered to maintain clarity while giving full HD quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels.


As an alternative, a 7″ clinical tablet with an anti-microbial casing is available.

The M700DM8-ME is a robust Android tablet designed to resist severe conditions and increase productivity in clinical and healthcare settings. This lightweight Android 7.0 tablet is ready to work with its integrated 1D/2D barcode and optional RFID scanner, vivid touchscreen display, strong Octa-Cortex A53 CPU, and extended battery life.