The Benefits of SMS Marketing for Businesses


Text marketing is one of the best ways to reach a large target market at a low cost. Many businesses are reluctant to continue with this marketing strategy because they’re not sure when is the best time. But since SMS has become an integral part of multi-channel marketing, it is undeniable that there are several benefits to this form of marketing for businesses. Continue reading to know more.

Reduces no-shows

A simple reminder to your customer to confirm or cancel an appointment can reduce no-shows by as much as 90 %. This method is quick, easy to automate, and can reach a greater number of people than phone calls or voicemails. While phone calls and voicemail have been proven to reduce no-shows, they can also be time-consuming. For example, companies spend hours a day on the phone to reach customers. Switching to text marketing for businesses saved a ton of money and freed up staff members to take care of other tasks.

Cost-effective and Easy to Implement

One of the best benefits of text marketing is its cost-effective way of reaching potential customers. It is easy to implement and does not require hours of set-up. Businesses can utilize this marketing strategy in their campaigns or for lapsed customers. It is also easy to create, edit, and send texts. Companies can set up automated texts so that they do not have to worry about sending messages, which frees up their time for more critical tasks.

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