Black magic vs white magic: what is the difference?


When people talk of magic, they usually talk in two concepts: positive and negative. How you perceive magic completely varies depending on how you view it. Magic can be divided into two categories- white magic and black magic. 

The definition of both the terms can be used in varying concepts. White magic and black magic is very subjective of the location and time period. It is advisable that you keep a check on the same for better ideas. 

What is white magic?

White magic is said to be a form of magic that people are acceptable of. They consider it to be a pure form of magic. As per the culture, pure magic or white magic is acceptable by the people. Many people use white magic for different purposes. 

What is black magic? 

Going by the traditional norms, black magic is something that is not acceptable by the people. It is considered to be evil in the eyes of people. It is said that black magic brings bad luck or omen to the people. 

Black magic vs white magic

It is necessary to note that there is a huge difference between black magic and white magic rituals (weiße magie rituale). Many people consider using white magic because of the benefits it has to offer. It tends to affect the people in a positive way. It is considered to be a divine form of magic that plays an important role in bringing good luck or healing. 

Black magic on the other hand is considered to be bad. Most people use black magic for their own purposes for negative means. They may consider using black magic to harm people and bring bad luck for them. Many people consider using the black magic to bring curse upon others. 

Nonetheless, people who use black magic may term it otherwise. It is important to note that black magic completely may not have a negative impact. Many practitioners may alternatively use black magic and white magic rituals for the benefits. They may keep a check on the procedure and follow accordingly. 

How a practitioner uses magic will define how efficient it is. Both forms of magic are considered to be a spiritual form of magic that can play a role in a person’s life depending on what they want to achieve. 

The use of magic

Both black magic and white magic spells (weiße magie zaubersprüche) have their own repercussions. Therefore, many people consider avoiding the use of the same. There are many practitioners who may refuse the use of black magic or white magic. 

No matter what kind of magic is used, the purpose for which it is used will determine its quality in one’s life. People who practice white magic may be attracted to black magic as well. This is mostly because black magic helps to get faster results. 

Many practitioners prefer avoiding the use of specific terms because of their subjectivity. While many may consider it to be simply magic, others may consider color coding it. If you want to use any of these magic forms it is advisable to go for a suitable practitioner.